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In Subscriber and Non-Subscriber Claims, Supplemental Third-Party Lawsuits also Help Compensate Family Members of Deceased Employees

There is another practical avenue of receiving fair injury compensation aside from workers’ comp. The family members of deceased employees can file a suit against someone other than the subscribing employer – known as a third-party – if an investigation proves that others were involved in the accident that led to the death of your loved one. work place accident attorneys

Third-party claims and lawsuits arise when someone other than the employer may have done something negligent to cause your family member’s fatal injury. If a faulty piece of machinery caused the death, then the manufacturer may be held liable through a defective product lawsuit. If the owner of the property did not provide safe working conditions, then he or she could be held accountable. If a contractor or another employee negligently caused the injury, then they could be held accountable as well. These are the most common examples but there are others. More info here @

In workers’ comp cases, surviving family members can sue the responsible party or parties, but not the subscribing employer. Experience and the ability to properly investigate not only the accident scene but the roles these third parties played in the fatal construction accident are required in order to determine all parties responsible and make them pay for the injuries they caused. And in non-subscriber claims, third party lawsuits are a rightful measure that may be open to the surviving family members. A skillful wrongful death lawyer can devise a plan of attack that offer the best opportunity to secure compensation in a complex Texas work-related claim when more than one party is found to be liable.

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The fatal work accident attorneys at our Texas Law Firm help you win the compensation you deserve.

We have been litigating and resolving workplace wrongful death cases all over Texas for decades. We have successfully negotiated countless settlements and argued many cases against every major insurance provider in the nation. We have a history of success and won numerous fair settlements for our clients on behalf of their deceased loved ones. Insurance companies know our track record and don’t want to see us in court. As a result, they often offer our clients attractive settlements without the stress and uncertainty of a jury trial.

The fatal workplace accident attorneys with our Law Firm do whatever is necessary to help you obtain justice and fair restitution for the loved one that has been taken from you. To find out how we can help, call 1(800) 862-1260 (toll-free) for a free consultation that will be the first step to finding peace of mind in memory of your dearly departed family member.

Personal Injury Lawyers » What is the Collateral Source Rule?

Personal Injury Lawyers » What is the Collateral Source Rule?

How the Collateral Source Rule Applies to a Personal Injury Case

If you’ve been injured by someone else’s negligent or reckless conduct, you may have heard of the “collateral source rule” and are curious if it applies to your personal injury case. Before diving into the nuances of the collateral source rule, it’s important to note that determining if the collateral source rule applies to your case is a complicated process that requires a detailed analysis of the particular facts of your case by a personal injury attorney. Simply put, retaining an experienced personal injury attorney like ours at Our Law Offices is the best way to determine if the collateral source rule applies to your personal injury case.personal injury law

The Collateral Source Rule Prevents Personal Injury Defendants from Asserting the One-Satisfaction Rule to Insurance Proceeds

The collateral source rule is a rule developed and adopted by courts across Texas that prevents the party responsible for inflicting personal injuries on another to offset compensation to their victim because they have received benefits from an insurance policy. The reasoning behind the rule is that the responsible party shouldn’t unfairly benefit in a personal injury case just because their victim had the foresight to purchase a health insurance policy and is designed to encourage Texas residents to purchase private insurance. More information on this website @

The collateral source rule has serious implications for personal injury cases: namely, juries can’t know or consider that the injured party has health insurance when determining the defendant’s liability and the amount of damages the defendant should pay the victim.

An Illustrative Example of How the Collateral Source Rule Applies to Personal Injury Cases

You may find this illustrative example helpful in parsing out the nuances of the collateral source rule in personal injury cases. Assume that you have suffered personal injuries in a truck accident due to the negligent driving of the semi-truck driver. After seeking medical attention for any emergency injuries, you should immediately contact an experienced personal injury attorney, like the attorneys at Our Law Offices.

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We have been fighting for victims` rights for over 20 years. Call to discuss your case.

Our attorneys and staff will then begin collecting the evidence needed to win your case and maximize your compensation. Our attorneys will then contact the responsible truck driver and his employer, and if a favorable settlement can’t be reached, we’ll file a lawsuit on your behalf.

At trial, the defendant may attempt to assert the one-recovery rule to avoid a portion of their liability for your injuries. Although some experienced attorneys and law firms may miss this crucial error, our experienced attorneys know your rights under Texas’s personal injury laws, and will assert the collateral source rule on your behalf so that the parties that caused your injuries won’t unfairly benefit from your foresight to purchase an insurance policy.

As you can see, determining if the collateral source or one-satisfaction rule applies to your case can be difficult. To ensure that your rights are fully represented, you need a smart and aggressive personal injury attorney on your side. The experienced personal injury attorneys at Our Law Offices are committed to securing the compensation you deserve for your injuries, and are available any time, day or night, to provide a free consultation regarding your potential personal injury lawsuit and if the collateral source rule applies to your case.

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